Maven Author Plugin's properties

Generic properties

PropertyDefaultDescription**/*.javaList of files to include in the report. of files to exclude from the report.,

Comma-separated list of AuthorResolver(s) to use : an AuthorResolver resolve the author(s) of a file.

Current existing resolvers are :

  • : uses author's javadoc tags to resolve the author(s).
  • : uses a SCM to resolve the author(s) - NOT YET IMPLEMENTED.

HTML report properties

PropertyDefaultDescription${plugin.resources}/templates/author.jslLocation of JSL template to generate the main report xdoc file. to use in the report when author was unresolvable. to use in the report when datas for an aggregator are not available.
Colors and images used when generating the progress bar for values shown as percentage: color for left bar. color for right bar. to set cells with (should be transparent). of image to set cells with. of image to set cells with.

Aggregators properties

Generic properties

PropertyDefaultDescription${plugin.resources}/aggregatorsLocation of default author aggregators.,cserrors,cswarnings,csinfos,fbviolations,pmdviolations,lint4jwarnings,javancssncss,javancssfunctions,jcoveragelipc,coberturalipc,emmalipc,clovertpc,tasklistComma-separated list of aggregators to use.

Properties for the Checkstyle error/warning/info aggregator (all errors/warnings/infos)

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/csall.jelly${}/checkstyle/checkstyle-raw-report.xml err/warn/inf of Checkstyle errors, warnings and infos

Properties for the Checkstyle error aggregator (only errors)

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/cserrors.jelly${}/checkstyle/checkstyle-raw-report.xml errors of Checkstyle errors

Properties for the Checkstyle warning aggregator (only warnings)

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/cswarnings.jelly${}/checkstyle/checkstyle-raw-report.xml warnings of Checkstyle warnings

Properties for the Checkstyle info aggregator (only infos)

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/csinfos.jelly${}/checkstyle/checkstyle-raw-report.xml infos of Checkstyle infos

Properties for the FindBugs violations aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/fbviolations.jelly${}/findbugs-raw-report.xml violations of FindBugs violations

Properties for the PMD violations aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/pmdviolations.jelly${}/pmd-raw-report.xml violations of PMD violations

Properties for the Lint4j warnings aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/lint4jwarnings.jelly${}/lint4j-raw-report.xml warnings of Lint4j warnings

Properties for the JavaNCSS number of non-commented source statements aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/javancssncss.jelly${}/javancss-raw-report.xml NCSS of JavaNCSS non-commented source statements

Properties for the JavaNCSS number of functions aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/javancssfunctions.jelly${}/javancss-raw-report.xml functions of JavaNCSS functions

Properties for the JCoverage covered lines percent aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/jcoveragelipc.jelly${}/jcoverage/coverage.xml %lines percentage of covered lines

Properties for the Cobertura covered lines percent aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/coberturalipc.jelly${}/cobertura/coverage.xml %lines percentage of covered lines

Properties for the Emma covered lines percent aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/emmalipc.jelly${}/coverage.xml %lines percentage of covered lines

Properties for the Clover TPC aggregator (TPC = Total Percent Coverage)

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/clovertpc.jelly${}/clover.xml TPC Total Percent Coverage

Properties for the Tasks List aggregator

PropertyDefaultDescription${}/tasklist.jelly${}/generated-xdocs/task-list.xml Tasks number of task definition (@todo tag)