Maven Author aggregators

An aggregator is an extension to the Maven Author Plugin. It gathers metric information that get displayed in the author report. You can provide your own custom aggregators. The Maven Author Plugin comes with several default aggregators described below.

Aggregator nameTopicDescription
csallMaven Checkstyle PluginNumber of Checkstyle warnings, errors and infos.
cserrorsMaven Checkstyle PluginNumber of Checkstyle errors.
cswarningsMaven Checkstyle PluginNumber of Checkstyle warnings.
csinfosMaven Checkstyle PluginNumber of Checkstyle infos.
fbviolationsMaven FindBugs PluginNumber of FindBugs violations.
pmdviolationsMaven PMD PluginNumber of PMD violations.
lint4jwarningsMaven Lint4j PluginNumber of Lint4j warnings.
javancssncssMaven JavaNCSS PluginNumber of JavaNCSS non-commented source statements.
javancssfunctionsMaven JavaNCSS PluginNumber of JavaNCSS functions.
jcoveragelipcMaven JCoverage PluginJCoverage percentage of covered lines.
coberturalipcMaven Cobertura PluginCobertura percentage of covered lines.
emmalipcMaven Emma PluginEmma percentage of covered lines.
clovertpcMaven Clover PluginClover Total Percent Coverage.
tasklistMaven Tasks List PluginTotal number of task definition (@todo tag).