Maven Generated Reports

This document provides an overview of the various reports that are automatically generated by Maven . Each report is briefly described below.


Document Description
Project License Displays the primary license for the project.
Changes Report on the project changes.
Link Check Report Report on the validity of all links in the documentation.
Task List Report on tasks specified in the source code.
JavaDocs JavaDoc API documentation.
JavaDoc Report Report on the generation of JavaDoc.
JavaDoc Warnings Report Formatted report of JavaDoc warnings.
Source Xref A set of browsable cross-referenced sources.
Test Xref A set of browsable cross-referenced test sources.
JavaNCSS Report on simple source code metrics.
Metrics Report on source code metrics.
Checkstyle Report on coding style conventions.
FindBugs Report Verification of coding rules.
PMD Report Verification of coding rules.
Lint4j Report Verification of Java API contracts and coding problems
Simian Report Simian (Code Similarity Analyzer) report.
Unit Tests Report on the results of the unit tests.
Cobertura Cobertura test coverage report.
Clover Clover test coverage report.
Emma Emma test coverage report.
JCoverage JCoverage test coverage report.
Author Generate a report by author